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"If you love your wife and want a happy home, stop by and pick up some casseroles, put them in the oven and close the kitchen for the night!" {Eric S.}

“Just wanted you to know that my family loves your cooking! I have served the black bean and spinach
enchiladas, chicken divan, and they went bonkers over the strawberry cake. Tonight is the grilled pork
tenderloin. Thanks for making their visit easy on me!” {Judye}

“You can ‘taste’ and ‘feel’ the homemade at Curb Side” {Nancy}

“Hey Bradford, I shared your strawberry cake yesterday and today with some friends. So far,
here are the votes....FANTASTIC, OUTSTANDING, OH LORD, who is this again? I need another
one [8x8] for next Tuesday. Seriously, it’s awesome.” {Kent}

“Your chicken salad is THE BEST in town! And those Firecrackers are THE BOMB! {Beth W.}

“Coming to Curb Side is like my daily bread." {Libby N.}

"I have my 95 year old mother living with me and I work full-time, so when I heard about you (Curb Side), I fell to my knees in gratitude.  You have saved my life."  {V. Cochran}

“I love having Curb Side in my freezer - it’s like insurance!” {Hilary F.}

“My husband (R.E.) has called me 3 times today to remind me to stop at Curb Side on my way
home! We take your food to our Pickwick house so we don’t have to worry about cooking while
we are there.” {Claire}

“If y’all only sold wine and stamps…I’d never have to go anywhere else!” {Sandy A.}

“Yesterday was my first visit to Curb Side. I cooked the items last night and we were thrilled
with the quality of your products. I will certainly be back and look forward to trying your other
dishes!” {Melody}

“Easter crept up on me this year and I did not allow enough time to put together my normal
Easter spread for my family. I was a little concerned about sneaking something by my family
that I did not make. But with the first bite I realized that I had nothing to worry about!
Everything was absolutely delicious thanks to Curb Side! {Tara G.}

“Thanks for making life easier!” {Alison}

“Thanks for another life-saving Thanksgiving. Paula assured me the corn pudding was just what I wanted, and it even exceeded expectations. What a hit! ” {Marion}

“Just a note to tell you how much I enjoyed my Thanksgiving Dinner - all due to you! Everything I ordered was really delicious and baked up perfectly. The dressing was perfectly moist, the candied yams really candied and the corn casserole was great! It made my Thanksgiving holiday so much easier and I wanted you to know how much I appreciated your good cooking! ” {Karen}

"I want my own container of Shrimp and Grits and I want some privacy! {Eric G.}

"Sublime!" {Mr. Buck Clark in response to our Roasted Vidalia Onions}

"I love you guys! You make hosting so easy for me. I did my entire Christmas dinner with Curb Side food and it was the least stressful Christmas EVER!" {Scarlett C.}

"Curb Side is the Sunshine Center of East Memphis!" {Mr. Ed Price}